Welcome to the Slipper Project @ sourceforge.net

The goal of slipper is to control peer to peer applications remotely.
This could be of some use to users behind proxy/firewalls where non-standard ports are typcially blocked, yet traffic is allowed on standard ports (telnet, ftp, http).

Current tasks

The project currently has two main tasks which will be integrated in the final design:

  1. FTP Download automation - Poll a remote file resource for new files, pulling them to the local machine when the file is finished downloading. Two sources for a FTP protocol library are being used: finj (FTP in Java) and IBM's FTPProtocol Bean. As soon as finj has reached a stable status for file transfer, finj will be the sole ftp protocol library used.
  2. Terminal emulation integration - By integrating code created as part of the Java Telnet Application create a Swing component which will contain a terminal capable of emulating multiple terminal types. The component would then trigger off file events (such as puts/gets) by listening for user-defined signals from the incoming and outgoing feeds.
End Result

The net result of this integration would be a telnet/ftp integration capable of syncing a local machine with a remote machine running a peer-to-peer application. Ideally this would be a pluggable interface, but for now the goal is to get napster running using The Linux Napster Client.

However, the goal of this is to make it pluggable and allow other p2p apps be integrated with a easy to use API.


Document Last Modified 11/24/2000